Cultural Context: The UK

Cultural Context: The UK

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Cultural Context: The UK
  • UK & USA

    It's easy to presume the UK and USA are similar; with a shared language and perhaps similar story. But the two countries are as different as they are alike and examining cultural differences can be enlightening.

  • National Symbols: UK Edition

    From national sports kits to the mysterious symbols on the products we buy; there is a hidden language with deep roots in British culture that you can understand too.

  • The UK National Story

    Explore the UK's national story by looking at shared memories; a key part of how culture is formed.

  • The Story Of The Union Jack

    Every country has a national flag, but not everyone knows its story. Learn about the iconic Union Jack and how it tells the story of a nations past.

  • The UK Climate

    In this video, we uncover the intricacies of UK weather and offer expert advice on dressing for every season. By the end, you'll have a deep understanding of the ever-changing nature of UK weather and its impact on daily routines. Discover the importance of dressing appropriately for unpredictabl...