Study Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

Study Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

Study Abroad: Everything You Need to Know
  • USA vs UK Grocery Shopping

    Buying your food in the USA is different to grocery shopping in the UK. American students are put to the test to see if they have learnt some of the very British ways of shopping.

  • Finding A British Beach

    Are you ready for a break from studying? TIme to head for the coast - the UK has so many stunning beaches; some smooth and sandy, some wild and rugged - whatever your preference, there's bound to be a beach for you!

  • The Student Travel Guide Series - An Introduction

    Want to travel and adventure whilst you're based in the UK? Well you couldn't be in a better place - this film outlines a whole range of options to satisfy your wanderlust when it comes to exploring both Britain and Europe.

  • A Parents Guide To Helping Your Child Study Abroad (US Edition)

    Concerned about your child's plan to study abroad? Listen to Joanna Babicz, an experienced study abroad officer, offer her insight into what your child will encounter during their trip to the UK

  • Popping Into Europe

    Are you ready to max out on culture as an international student? Because you're in the right place! See just how many places you can explore in Europe with flights, trains, boats or buses at your finger tips - you can explore hundreds of different destinations from as little as 1 hour away from t...

  • UK vs US Healthcare

    Healthcare for Brits is very different to the US - so make sure you watch to the end so you know what do when you need medical attention.

  • 10 Things You Never Knew About The UK

    Here are the top ten weird and wonderful quirks of British life you might not be expecting when you come to study in the UK.

  • UK & USA

    It's easy to presume the UK and USA are similar; with a shared language and perhaps similar story. But the two countries are as different as they are alike and examining cultural differences can be enlightening.

  • UK vs US Universities

    Universities in the UK vary considerably from those in the USA. From approaches to sport to how early you can focus on your chosen subject. Wrap your ahead around an education across the pond and see which differences surprise you the most.

  • Will I Need A Visa?

    No need to be confused - learn everything you need to know about your student visa in less than three minutes! Now you'll be ready to take the next step towards your dream of studying abroad.

  • The UK Climate

    In this video, we uncover the intricacies of UK weather and offer expert advice on dressing for every season. By the end, you'll have a deep understanding of the ever-changing nature of UK weather and its impact on daily routines. Discover the importance of dressing appropriately for unpredictabl...

  • Visiting London

    Wherever your university is in the UK, a trip to London should be top of your list. Here's the guide that will give you the heads up so you're properly prepared to explore one of the best capital cities in the world!

  • Staying Safe After Dark

    Getting home after dark is something to think about as a student in the UK - and our super helpful guide is full of tips to help you stay safe after sunset.

  • A Guide To Phone And Email Scams

    Students in a foreign country can be easy targets for scammers. Here's a guide to make sure you don't get tricked by fraudulent emails or con artists on the phone.

  • How To Avoid Accommodation Scams

    If you need to find somewhere to stay whilst you study abroad, you will want to discover why international students can be a target for accommodation scams. Learn how to protect yourself from being part of a scam.

  • Bringing Your Medication From Abroad

    If you regularly take medication and need to take it to your new host country - it is VITAL you know the rules! Additionally, if you want to find out how to access certain medicine when you are studying abroad, then this is the right film for you!

  • Preparing For Lectures

    Lectures are an integral part of your degree so it's important to make the most of these timetabled sessions. Follow these simple preparation tips to get you started.

  • Tips For Group Work

    Will group work be the making or breaking of you? Working with other people can be a challenge but it is an important one to master - learn to develop skills that will not only help you in your degree but also prepare for life in the work place.

  • Oxbridge, Russell Group And Redbrick

    Be the smartest person in the room by finding out the difference between British Universities and what each of the quirky terms actually mean.

  • Tips And Advice From Students

    Discover invaluable advice from current students in the UK for anyone considering university. By the end of this video, you'll have gained insightful real-life tips and guidance directly from students who have experienced university life firsthand.

  • The Student Visa Process

    Getting your UK student visa is a big requirement of coming to study here. Time to get those documents ready and get that precious visa!

  • Understanding Higher Education In The UK

    In this video, we delve into the UK education system and its benefits for students. By the end, you'll understand the overview of the higher education system in the UK, the advantages of studying there, and the difference between higher education and further education.

  • Local Travel

    As a student you will need to get a firm grip on how to utilise public transport. Here's the whistle stop tour of what's available and how to make the most of Britain's travel networks.

  • National Symbols: UK Edition

    From national sports kits to the mysterious symbols on the products we buy; there is a hidden language with deep roots in British culture that you can understand too.