Understanding Language

Understanding Language

Exploring the different language barriers and communication styles of different cultures and how they can often lead to misunderstandings. This series of videos include tools of how to overcome these.

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Understanding Language
  • Tricky British Place Names: Part 1

    The UK has many hilarious and confusing words and place names. See how these students got on with pronouncing some of the trickier places in the UK.

  • Common British Acronyms: Part 1

    What does RSVP mean? Do you know these common British Acronyms and can you beat these students to the correct answers?

  • English As A Global Language

    English is currently dubbed THE global language and a bridge for international communications. Will it stay at the top spot, or will another potential successor knock it off in the future?

  • Top Tips To Improve Your English

    Quick ways to get better at communicating in English, that don't cost a thing!

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - where to find resources that can help
    - tips to help you feel more confident

  • Learning English: Ayisha's Story

    The English taught at school can be quite different to the English used across the UK. One former international student explains the challenges she faced and how she got better.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - common problems areas
    - some of the pitfalls of language learning ...

  • Misunderstandings In Language

    Students discuss their experiences and viewpoint of the English language spoken in Britain and where misunderstandings can happen.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - The English spoken in Britain can be different to language courses or movies/TV
    - Misunderstandings that can aris...

  • Interpreting Lecturer Comments

    Your lecturer's comments could be given in a way that softens the real meaning. This is a widespread British habit. We explore some examples that you might encounter at university.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Some of the language your lecturer might use
    - How their feedba...