What's Different in the UK to South Asia?

What's Different in the UK to South Asia?

What's Different in the UK to South Asia?
  • Food Culture: UK Compared To South Asia

    Eating habits in South Asia are quite different to the UK. Discover why the UK has a varied food culture and where the influences have come from.

  • The Culture of Learning In The UK: South Asia Edition

    The culture of learning in South Asia varies to the UK. Understand how the UK, with it's 1000 year old universities, has developed its culture of learning, and how it compares.

  • Cultural Differences: UK And South Asia

    There are many similarities between South Asian countries and the UK - but also significant differences. Compare and contrast these two areas, that have a rich history and a strong connection.

  • How Am I Shaped By My Culture As A South Asian Citizen

    In this video, Richard Valentine delves into the differences between UK and South Asian cultures, highlighting the advantages of embracing diverse cultural experiences. By the end, viewers will grasp that South Asian culture is often perceived as dynamic, self-assured, and introspective, while U...