Cultural Context: East Asia to UK

Cultural Context: East Asia to UK

A series of videos explaining the similarities and differences of the UK and South East Asia and how these affect the way people see the world as well as how they might socialise. Understanding these differences will help South East Asian cultures adapt to life in the UK and reduce culture shock.

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Cultural Context: East Asia to UK
  • UK And East Asia

    Examining some of the differences that people from East Asia may notice when they arrive in the UK.

  • The Culture Of Learning In The UK: East Asia Edition

    This video explores the rich learning culture of China, which dates back twice as far as that of the UK. By the end, you'll gain an overview of education in the UK, from King Henry VIII's educational reforms to the development of other universities. Additionally, you'll uncover the similarities ...

  • Cultural Differences: UK & East Asia

    In this video, Richard Valentine compares the UK and China, looking at how they use language and communicate. You'll learn how pictorial languages affect the brain differently than alphabetic ones. Plus, you'll see how business communication differs between the two countries. Despite these differ...

  • Food Culture: UK Compared To East Asia

    In this video, we explore how food and eating habits differ from those in the UK. You'll learn about the various influences behind these culinary traditions. By the end, you'll understand that the UK has adopted food cultures from around the world, especially from its historical connection with F...

  • How Am I Shaped By My Culture as an East Asian Citizen

    Confucius said 'By nature, we are almost the same, but by practice, we get to be far apart'. This video explores this theme and how it relates to East Asia and the UK.

    By the end of this video, you will have learnt:
    - there are four areas of particular difference: language, family, belief and ...

  • Young Nation, Old Nation

    China as an ‘Old Nation’ is contrasted with the UK as a ‘Young Nation'. The pattern that emerges is one where China has produced its own changes, while in the UK changes have come via external influences.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - How the broad sweep of UK history compar...

  • China And UK Timeline

    A quick overview of China's historical timeline and how it compares with the same period in the UK.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - A basic understanding of the parallel histories of China and the UK over several thousand years

  • A Recent History In UK And China

    The past 100 years have seen big changes in the UK. Cultural psychologist Richard Valentine takes us on a tour of British history, comparing it to milestones in Chinese history of the same period.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Some of the key events in British history over t...

  • The History Of Writing

    Cultural psychologist Richard Valentine compares writing systems around the world, focusing on the pictorial system in China and the alphabet system in the UK.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Basic details about the parallel histories of China and the UK