Lectures & Studying

Lectures & Studying

How do lectures actually work in University and what do you need to know before you attend? A series of videos explaining what universities will expect of you as a student in the UK.

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Lectures & Studying
  • Preparing For Lectures

    Lectures are an integral part of your degree so it's important to make the most of these timetabled sessions. Follow these simple preparation tips to get you started.

  • Preparing To Deliver A Great Presentation

    Preparation is the bedrock of any presentation. Actor Louis Mackenzie gives his tips on how to keep focused and your audience engaged.

  • Active Listening

    Active Listening is the definition of how to win friends and influence people let alone to get better grades and improve your relationships along the way. Actor and Director Louis Mckenzie pulls back the lid on this simple yet effective skill.

  • How To Reference

    Referencing is a big deal at university and you need to get your head around how to do it well. Learning the correct referencing style for your course and following these tips will be the perfect way to master references.

  • 5 Great Research Tips

    The quality of your research can make a big difference to your overall grade so its time to find out how to research effectively.

  • The Importance Of Academic Reading

    Discover why universities expect you to do so much reading, why it is different from reading a novel for fun and how the get the most from it.

  • Using Lectures As A Starting Point

    Lecturers are the foundation of the learning on your degree course, but there is much more to it. You will need to move beyond these teacher lead sessions and learn how to utilise independent study effectively.

  • How To Make The Most Of The Library

    Make the most of your student library! Whether you want to research, borrow books, study with friend or have some time alone, your university library is the place to go.

  • The Value Of Group Work

    Group work is a common practice found in UK universities and mastering this versatile skill will be highly valued by future employers.

  • How Can Students Fail

    The secret of success can be in knowing how not to fail. Time to study the things that might trip you up as an international student so you can be certain to pass your degree!

  • What To Do When You Don't Understand Your Assignment

    Are your assignments a bit confusing? We've all been there! Discover what to do - when you don't know what to do!

  • Self Management

    This video delves into the importance of self-management at university and how it affects different aspects of student life. By the end, you'll grasp the consequences of poor self-management, discover ways to improve your skills, and learn where to find help.

  • What Makes A Good Grade

    In this video, we uncover the grading system used in UK universities to assess degrees and gauge your performance. By the end, you'll understand the four classifications for undergraduate degrees and what distinguishes an excellent grade. Additionally, you'll learn about the unique grading syste...

  • Managing Your Time

    This video shares essential tips for balancing your university life effectively. By the end, you'll grasp the importance of managing your time, recognise the demands on your schedule, learn strategies to overcome procrastination, and discover where to find help when needed. Whether you're a new s...

  • What's Expected Of You As A Student

    UK university education is famous worldwide because of its high standards and focus on personal learning and research. Professor Higbee from the University of Exeter unpacks what to expect when you are studying for your degree in the UK.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - wha...

  • Interpreting Lecturer Comments

    Your lecturer's comments could be given in a way that softens the real meaning. This is a widespread British habit. We explore some examples that you might encounter at university.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Some of the language your lecturer might use
    - How their feedba...

  • Tutorial, Lecture, Seminar: What To Expect

    What happens in a tutorial? And what about a lecture or a seminar? Find out how styles of teaching and learning differ and what they offer to your learning experience.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - The words 'tutorial', 'lecture' and 'seminar' can have different meanings in ...