• How the UK Works

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    A series of videos that give context to what the United Kingdom actually is, what BREXIT actually means and other interesting videos such as a whistle stop tour of our national holidays.

  • Travel
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  • Tips And Advice From Students

    Discover invaluable advice from current students in the UK for anyone considering university. By the end of this video, you'll have gained insightful real-life tips and guidance directly from students who have experienced university life firsthand.

  • Staying Healthy

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    How to stay healthy physically and mentally while living in the UK as a student.

  • Developing Practical English Skills

    In this video, we explore the different types of English you'll encounter beyond fluency. By the end, you'll understand the difference between formal, taught English and conversational English, the significance of English language requirements for university admission, and how to prepare for and ...

  • Easy Meals

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    How can you make healthy meals on a budget in the UK? A series of videos showing you some easy meals to make while at university in the UK.

  • Life as a Student

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    Some practical tips and tricks of things you need to know at University in the UK. Including tips around your accommodation, banking and budgeting plus more.