Life as a Student

Life as a Student

Some practical tips and tricks of things you need to know at University in the UK. Including tips around your accommodation, banking and budgeting plus more.

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Life as a Student
  • Local Travel

    As a student you will need to get a firm grip on how to utilise public transport. Here's the whistle stop tour of what's available and how to make the most of Britain's travel networks.

  • The Structure Of UK Universities

    In this video, Professor Higbee from the University of Exeter sheds light on the structure of UK universities. By the end, you'll have learned about the differences between faculties and departments, the unique structures of universities, the roles within a university, and what academic staff typ...

  • National Travel

    This video is your guide to long-distance national transport options, whether you're heading from the airport to your university city or simply exploring. By the end, you'll discover the available modes of public transport, learn money-saving tips for train travel, and find out where to purchase...

  • What Makes A Good Grade

    In this video, we uncover the grading system used in UK universities to assess degrees and gauge your performance. By the end, you'll understand the four classifications for undergraduate degrees and what distinguishes an excellent grade. Additionally, you'll learn about the unique grading syste...

  • Managing Your Time

    This video shares essential tips for balancing your university life effectively. By the end, you'll grasp the importance of managing your time, recognise the demands on your schedule, learn strategies to overcome procrastination, and discover where to find help when needed. Whether you're a new s...

  • The Student Union And Societies

    This video explores the role of your university student union in student life. You'll see how it's run independently by students and serves to support, represent, and enhance campus life. We'll also touch on its functions, like hosting events and managing societies. Ultimately, you'll understand ...

  • Making Friends At University

    Feeling nervous and unsettled about arriving at university? So are all the other students arriving for their first term! Discover great ways to meet people, at your university and beyond.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - strategies for successfully meeting people

  • 10 Things To Know When Visiting A Doctor

    Find out how to make the most of your visit to the GP with this simple advice.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - the best way to book an appointment
    - what to do when you get there
    - what to do afterwards

  • How to Stay Safe On A Night Out

    Heading out for the night? These nine simple tips will help ensure you and your friends have a great time and get home safely.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - A few of the best ways to stay safe when out at night

  • Are There Any Hidden Fees

    There are course fees, accommodation fees and the cost of living. But are there any other expenses to be aware of?

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - which extra costs might be applicable
    - how to find out more information

  • What To Wear And When

    What do you need to wear when someone tells you to come in 'Smart Casual'? And what about 'Business Casual', 'Fancy Dress' or 'Black Tie'?

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Common dress codes and where they might be encountered

  • Staying Safe Around Alcohol

    Dr Ben Watson gives tips for staying safe around alcohol and details of where to find help if you need it.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Basic details about the UK alcohol law
    - Why people drink alcohol
    - What makes alcohol dangerous

  • Staying Safe Around Drugs

    Illicit drugs are illegal in the UK. Dr Ben Watson explains why they are dangerous and how to stay safe if you encounter them.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Basic details of the UK drug law
    - Why illicit drugs are dangerous
    - Where to find help

  • How To Use A Microwave Safely

    Microwave ovens work differently to regular ovens. To stay safe, find out what you should never do with one.

    By the end of this video you will have learnt:
    - Which items should never be placed in a microwave
    - Why these items can be dangerous